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New & Used Inventory Washington DC Porsche Dealers

For a used Porsche, check out the inventory at one of finest locations in Washington DC to find a used Porsche for sale. So whether you’re looking for a brand-new 911 or a pre-owned Cayenne, view cars from our Porsche listings.

Porsche – An Introduction

Porsche is one of the world’s most iconic and well-recognized luxury car brands, renowned for its performance, style, and beautiful cars. Founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany, the company has become synonymous with high-performance engineering and cutting-edge design. In addition, Porsche’s vehicles have a long racing history, with numerous class wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring races.

Porsche’s range includes sports cars like the iconic 911 and luxury sedans like the Panamera and Cayenne SUVs. In addition to its traditional road vehicles, Porsche manufactures a line of racing cars and hypercars used in various motorsports events worldwide. So whether looking for a beautiful new car or an exciting racing machine, Porsche has something to offer every driver.

If you’re interested in learning more about Porsche and its vehicles, check out Porsche dealerships today!

Why is this luxury car worth It?

The Porsche is one of the most sought-after luxury vehicles on the market, thanks to its stunning craftsmanship, powerful performance, and cutting-edge technology. Its signature design features, such as the rear engine placement, are a hallmark of the brand that continues to draw enthusiasts worldwide. As a result, Porsche cars have become symbols of status, wealth, and success.

But what sets Porsche apart is its engineering, which is focused on creating vehicles that offer unparalleled power and control. Whether you’re looking for a fast sports car or a luxurious sedan, Porsche has something to offer every driver who demands the best performance and design. So if you’re looking for a high-end luxury vehicle that always delivers, look no further than Porsche.

Classy Features Of Porsche

Porsche has become the epitome of luxury and style, renowned for its impressive combination of performance, craftsmanship, and design.

Porsche models offer a variety of features that ensure solace and convenience for each journey. From the classic 911 to the high-performance Panamera, Porsche offers cars with powerful engines, sleek designs, and luxurious interiors. These features combine to create vehicles that can easily handle any driving situation.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo Space 

In addition to its impressive performance, Porsche vehicles are also known for their luxurious interiors and comfort features. From plush leather seats to advanced infotainment systems, every vehicle in the lineup offers a world-class driving experience. And thanks to their generous cargo space and versatile design options, these cars can serve as every day drivers or weekend road trip vehicles.

Infotainment And Connectivity

Porsche’s cutting-edge entertainment and information options make these vehicles stand out. Porsche cars are designed to keep the driver connected and entertained with various intuitively designed features. From advanced voice-activated navigation systems to in-car Wi-Fi access and streaming audio options, it has never been easier to stay connected and entertained behind the wheel.

Fuel Economy

The Porsche lineup is known for its high performance, but it’s also well-regarded for its excellent fuel efficiency. Porsche vehicles offer the best of both worlds with a range of turbocharged engines optimized to deliver higher performance while reducing fuel consumption. Whether you’re driving in the city or out on the open road, you’ll be able to enjoy every drive to the fullest.

Safety And Driver-Assistance Features

Porsche vehicles are also equipped with cutting-edge safety and driver assistance features to ensure the highest levels of protection on the road. Porsche cars have top-of-the-line safety features, such as automated emergency braking systems and adaptive cruise control, to keep you safe in all situations. These systems have been tested rigorously on the track and road to ensure they keep you safe when you need them most. Automated emergency braking systems can even detect pedestrians, giving you extra protection.

Warranty And Maintenance Coverage

Of course, no luxury vehicle would be complete without comprehensive warranty and maintenance coverage. Porsche’s warranty and service packages cover everything from routine inspections to major repairs and ensure that your vehicle is always in top condition.

Different Models Of Porsche

Porsche’s current range includes a variety of luxury sports cars and SUVs, including the high-performance 911 series, the powerful Cayenne, and the elegant Panamera. In addition to its traditional road models, Porsche also manufactures racecars and hypercars designed for competition use.

718 Models

The 718 models are Porsche’s entry-level sports cars, offering both the classic performance and style of a classic 911 and the high-performance capabilities of a modern racing machine. The 718 Cayman is their mid-engined 2-seater, while the 718 Boxster is a convertible roadster version of the same vehicle. Both models feature powerful turbocharged engines, lightweight chassis designs, and advanced performance technologies for the ultimate driving experience.


The 911 is their flagship model, offering classic design and world-class performance in various styles and body types. The 911 features a dual-clutch automatic transmission, rear-mounted engine design, and advanced drivetrain technology for unbeatable power and agility on the road. Engine options include flat sixes and V8s, with outputs ranging from 300 to 700 horsepower, depending on the model.


The Taycan is a new hypercar from Porsche, designed to compete with the best vehicles from Tesla and other top manufacturers. With an 800-volt drivetrain design that allows for faster charging and greater range, this vehicle is perfect for drivers who want to explore further on every road trip.

The Taycan also features an advanced adaptive chassis system that adapts to road conditions, giving you maximum control and performance. And with a luxurious interior packed with advanced technological features, the Taycan is the ultimate driving machine for discerning drivers everywhere.


The Panamera is Porsche’s signature luxury sedan, offering the perfect combination of performance and comfort. With a powerful V6 engine and advanced all-wheel drive system, this vehicle can tackle any road quickly and precisely.

The Panamera has also been redesigned to include an ultra-lightweight design with carbon fiber components for increased efficiency and improved handling. And with a luxurious interior packed with the latest technological features, this is the perfect vehicle for discerning drivers who want comfort and performance in every drive.


The Boxster is Porsche’s classic roadster design, offering the ultimate wind-in-your-hair driving excitement. With a lightweight construction and mid-engine layout, this vehicle can speed up from 0 to 60 MPH in just 5 seconds.

Of course, the Boxster also features advanced driver assistance systems to help you stay safe on every road, including adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. And with a luxurious interior packed with the latest technological features, this is the ultimate driving machine for performance enthusiasts everywhere.


The Cayenne is Porsche’s flagship SUV, offering high-performance capabilities in various sizes and styles. This vehicle can tackle any road with speed and precision with three engine options ranging from 300 to 550 horsepower.


The Targa is Porsche’s high-performance convertible SUV, designed to offer the ultimate in roofless driving excitement. The Targa features an advanced all-wheel-drive system and a luxurious interior with the latest technological features for maximum comfort on every road trip.

Reasons To Get Dealership At Exclusive Automotive Group

At Exclusive Automotive Group, we offer a wide range of high-performance sports cars and SUVs designed to provide the ultimate driving experience. Our dealership is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service and unbeatable prices on all vehicles.

Some of our top benefits include:

Pre Owned Vehicles

At Exclusive Automotive Group, we offer an extensive selection of pre-owned vehicles from top automakers. From luxury sedans and sports cars to SUVs and hypercars, our selection of pre-owned vehicles has something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for classic style or cutting-edge performance, we’ll help you find the perfect vehicle at a great price.

Competitive Financing Options

At Exclusive Automotive Group, we are committed to helping our customers get the financing they need to drive home in their dream car today. Our team of auto finance experts will work with you to help you secure an affordable loan or lease that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Hassle-Free Service And Maintenance

At Exclusive Automotive Group, we are committed to ensuring your car always runs at peak performance. Our experienced service team will help you keep your vehicle in great shape with regular maintenance and repairs. Then, bring your car into our state-of-the-art facility for quick, high-quality service that won’t break the bank.

Enjoy The Ultimate Driving Experience!

So if you’re looking for a dealership where you can truly enjoy the ultimate driving experience, contact us today and discover why we are the premier choice for high-performance cars and SUVs in your area.

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